Sunday, February 9, 2020

DNF Chronicles #1: Searoad by Ursula K. LeGuin

About the Book

Published January 27, 2004 by Shambhala

GoodReads Description

In one of her most deeply felt works of fiction, Le Guin explores the dreams and sorrows of the inhabitants of Klatsand, Oregon, a beach town where ordinary people bring their dreams and sorrows for a weekend or the rest of their lives, and sometimes learn to read what the sea writes on the sand. Searoad is the story of a particular place that could be any place, and of a people so distinctly drawn they could be any of us.

I did not Finish this Book because...

I simply did not care about any of the characters in the first two character sketches.  I truly wanted to like this book because I know that LeGuin is a famous author that many of my favorite writers truly adore.  Instead of adoring her work, I found myself dreading sitting down to read about characters that I had no reason to care about.  This piece was written without a plot in mind, so I knew that I would not see any long lasting character growth. 

In the Future...

I may choose to try this book again after reading some of LeGuin's more famous novels.  As I have never read any of her work before trying Searoad, I wonder if my opinion may change when I am more familiar with her work and her style.

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