Thursday, March 2, 2023

Where the Heck has Ms. J Been?

 Hello!  Hello!  Hello!

Now that my life seems to be moving toward normalcy again, I thought I'd check in and let you know that I'm still alive!  I went on an unplanned hiatus for a few reasons.

1. We bought a house!  It is the perfect size for us and for all of the animals.

2. I've been working really hard in the career world and re-building a lot of things so that I can be a more effective English teacher.  It's been hard work, but I've loved every moment of it and I am so proud of the growth that I am seeing in my students.

3. I HAD A BABY! That's right! Your girl's a mom now!  My beautiful daughter, Ava, will be one this June.  

So, what's next on the blog?

I fully intend, to get back to reviewing books.  I have a few goals and a few rules that I'm setting for myself.

1. I need to work on my TBR.  I have been approved for reviews on Netgalley and I have accepted reviews from authors in the past that I would still like to complete.  Though they may be late, I hope that my efforts help the authors regardless.

2. I will not be accepting review requests until I feel like I have sufficiently reached the review goals that I have set for myself.

3. I plan to start out by only posting one review per month.  If I am able to fit more than one in, that's amazing and exciting and I will definitely do it.  Right now, though, I need to maintain realism and I am short on time as a full time mom and full time teacher. My goal is to eventually post many more reviews than one a month, but I need to start somewhere.

I've truly missed blogging and I am supremely excited to get back on track!

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