Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Top Three Reasons I'd Buy from Literary Book Gifts Again

The Backstory

Recently, Melissa from Literary Book Gifts contacted me about their new store.  As an Etsy shop owner, I am always interested in discovering new businesses and helping them gain some exposure.  As I shopped through the items in the Literary Book Gifts shop, I found myself wishing I could afford to buy more than one item that day.  I finally chose an Edgar Allan Poe hoodie which I absolutely adore!

Without any further rambling....

My Three Reasons

  1. The items are good quality.  I expected something a little thinner and made of much stiffer material.  I was so excited to receive a wonderfully soft and warm sweatshirt.  My baby nephew loved it as well and kept curling closer and closer into it.  If it's soft enough for a baby to love, it's soft enough for me to brag about.  My favorite part about the fabric, however, is that it is definitely made to keep you dry.  While walking home from a friend's house, I got caught outside in the sudden downpour of a severe thunderstorm.  I was able to walk two blocks before that sweatshirt was soaked through.  
  2. Their customer service is terrific!  Melissa was there to answer all of my questions about sizing, colors, and options throughout the entire ordering process.  She was phenomenal to work with!  I am so happy to see that her love of literature shines through to her items as well as her customer service.  She truly loves what she does and it is obvious!
  3. The designs are gorgeous.  I love that there are so many options and so many ways that you can truly make your item your own!  

If You're Interested...

Go check out the shop.  I'll leave a link to it right here!

I'll even sweeten the pot for you!  Enjoy promo code MSJMENTIONS20 for 20% off of all of your purchases!

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