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Welcome to Ms. J Mentions!  My name is Jessa and I am a 6-12 English teacher.  I love to read and discuss my opinions of books with other people.  I started this blog as a way to do exactly that.  I look forward to reading your comments about my content.  Please do not be shy.  If you agree, let me know and we can talk about something we like together.  If you disagree, I look forward to hearing your opinion.  Even if I don't agree, I will appreciate hearing your thoughts.  You make the difference by bringing a new perspective to the table.

Being an English teacher definitely means that I read quite a bit of YA fiction.  However, it does not mean that it is the only thing that I read.  If you want to suggest a book, be it newer or older, please do so in a comment!  I am not genre-specific and am always excited to try a new genre.  After nineteen years of reading, I found out that I like thrillers!

When I'm not reading or teaching, I do a lot of crafting.  I focus on knitting, tatting, crocheting, cross stitching, beading, and nail art.  However, I would like to add to this list over time.  I may even learn how to sew!

And of course, no real information about me is complete without mentioning my "kids." I'm a proud mommy to Rascal the Labrador Retriever mix, Cathryn the cat, Adam and Finnegan the betta fish, The Fantastic Four Goldfish Gang (Jack, Oogie Boogie, Tucker, and Specs), several mystery snails, Smaug the bearded dragon, and Mischief the axolotl!

Take care!

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