Review Policy

I am not accepting review requests at this time. 

I am willing to review YA/New Adult SciFi, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, and Suspense.  On occasion, I will read adult SciFi, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, and Suspense.  I do not review Romance or Erotica novels.

I only accept review queries that are emailed to

I do not guarantee that I will review every book that I am sent. I will not post reviews that earn a rating of 1/5.

If I do agree to review your book, you will be automatically added to my newsletter.  This is the best way for me to inform you that your review is coming up and it is a wonderful way for you to help support other authors.

I will try to post about upcoming books as close to their release date as possible.  This will sometimes be a challenge due to school demands and a limit of posts per week.  If you would like a review posted by a certain date, I ask that you send me the novel 30 days before the date you would like the review published.  Because it is difficult to schedule reading time around school times, I will not review books that do not meet this request.

My reviews will be 100% honest 100% of the time.  If I do not like something, I will discuss it just like I will discuss the good points of the book.  I will, however, work to find both positive and negative qualities to discuss each time I read a book.  

I am willing to accept self-published titles as well as eBooks in Kindle and PDF format.  Please be sure that books are edited prior to sending.

This blog was created to ensure that my audience was introduced to a wide variety of literature. This includes both upcoming and previously published books.  I strive to post reviews of all books, not just brand new ones.  I believe that all books matter.

As you will notice, I use apples rather than stars to rate the books I review.  Please refer to the information below to better understand my rating system.

Great book!  I will definitely read again and will drool over it to all of my friends!
This was a pretty good book!  I liked it a lot.

This book was OK.  

There were a few good parts to the book.
Reading this book was an absolute chore.  


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  2. Hello Jessa,

    I came across your blog on BookSirens and as I read through your Review Policy I thought my book, "The Sword of Merlin" may be of interest to you. It is about a family of wizards that have handed down Merlin's magical sword through their family. The protagonist, Japheth, is selected to wield the sword, which will magnify the powers of the one it chooses. Their family must help their town, which shuns them because they are wizards, fight against Vesuvius, the antagonist in the story. I tried to write a story that was compelling enough for adults, but also appropriate for younger readers, from about 10+. I would like you to consider doing a review on it. Please contact me if interested at:

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Jared Woolf

    1. If you are truly interested in having me review your work, please see my review policy for the best way to contact me about this query.