Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Review: (Un)Graceful Cat by B.A. Gabrielle

About the Book

(Un)Graceful Cat by B.A. Gabrielle
Published December 10, 2016 by B. A. Gabrielle Books

GoodReads Description

Fifteen year old Amelia Fafnir was born into a high-class family, but she has had zero confidence ever since her mother cancelled her piano lessons and told her she had no talent. However, a shocking truth suddenly rattles her daily life. The home economics room is the base of operations for the Spirits (humans who have died with regrets and remain in the world until their regrets are erased). However, their sworn enemies are the Dark Fairies (evil beings who take advantage of human weaknesses) and their target is Amelia. Who should she trust? Which side is "good" and which is "evil"?

My Thoughts

When B.A. Gabrielle brought her novel to my attention, I was immediately pulled in by her synopsis.  This book sounded so exciting!  I could tell that she was inspired by the manga/anime that she loves and I was excited to see how that played out.  Unfortunately, there was a lot that she did really well, but more that I despised.

Gabrielle had a terrific idea for this novel.  She does a wonderful job introducing this idea and presenting it.  However, she has so many separate thoughts that it seems she doesn't know how to tie all of them together.  As a result, her story suffers and pulls away the readers' attention.

She also had a cast of wonderful characters!  They each have wonderful personalities and hidden secrets.  I loved learning about Lindow and Esther!  Mr. Shapiro was terrific!  But, again, Gabrielle has so many ideas for these characters, and so many characters, that she is unable to spend the time to completely develop them.  There is very little growth in any of the characters and, when growth is present, it feels very sudden and unrealistic.

While Gabrielle does present her audience with a terrific world and a wonderful war between good and evil, I truly believe that this book would be much more enjoyable and more suspenseful if Gabrielle took the time to better develop each aspect of her work.

My Rating

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