Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Review: Breath of Dust & Dawn by L. Penelope

About the Book

Published by Heartspell Media on January 24, 2019

GoodReads Description

This novella begins after the events of Song of Blood & Stone—it’s both an extended epilogue AND a prequel, so it’s advisable to read that novel first.

For Jasminda ul-Sarifor, the war may be over but her conflict is not. New, overwhelming duties leave her caught between two worlds but belonging to neither. She turns once more to Jack, hoping the bond that got them through the first battle is strong enough to weather a new storm.

For Jack, Jasminda’s struggles hit close to home. To help her find her way, he entrusts her with a tale from his past where, after another war, a young Jack Alliaseen must also adjust to new responsibilities. But his take a lethal turn when prisoners of war start showing up dead on his watch. With the aid of a mysterious young man destined to change his life forever, Jack must save the lives of those under his protection before it's too late.

As his story unfolds, will Jack’s memories help Jasminda conquer her present trials?

My Thoughts

As you may remember from my review of Song of Blood and Stone I was absolutely blown away by the first book in this series!  I could not wait to get my hands on a copy of Breath of Dust & Dawn as soon as I knew that it was coming out!

I was most definitely not let down.

Just as it's advertised, this book is both an extended epilogue and a prequel.  At first, I was concerned about that concept and felt like it would be too much in one single novella.  However, Penelope was definitely up to the challenge!  I loved that she was able to use flashbacks so skillfully.  Too many authors use them to fill blank space or to give unnecessary information.  This novella is a perfect example of flashbacks done well! 

Once again, Jack and Jasminda's relationship falls together quite naturally.  For them, it really is as easy as breathing.  They simply fit.  While the trope of lovers from two different worlds is one that I find quite overplayed, Penelope does it wonderfully.  This novella helps to continue the story of their relationship as they move from a simple couple to planning their wedding.

I loved Penelope's choice to use the story that brought Jack to Jasminda as a way to further their story along.  This was so beautifully done that I was upset we didn't get to hear more about his time before her.  I am definitely eager to hear more of this beautiful adventure.

My Rating

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