Saturday, October 15, 2016

Two Mini-Reviews! A Poem and Short Story by S. M. Boyce

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A few weeks ago, I was introduced to S. M. Boyce's work.  I was a little bit apprehensive at first.  However, I am glad that I gave her a chance.

To start out, let me tell you a bit about her poem A Life for Sale.  This poem tells the story of a woman with a final, mournful wish for the living, told through the guise of an estate sale. I felt that this poem was beautifully written. Boyce uses personification and imagery to bring this story to life.  Additionally, this poem has a very haunting tone that forces you to think about the theme and the life of the woman discussed.  

After reading A Life for Sale, I was feeling pretty good about reading her work.  I loved that she had her own style and a wonderful personal flair that really brought her poem to life.  But, I still wondered what she could do with prose.

To answer my question, I read Origins: To Each His Ghost.  This short story describes a woman's troubles and the dangerous situations she encounters after ignoring her own good ghost.  I was blown away by Boyce's use of description and characterization. Although she relies on flashbacks to fill in the missing gaps,  The flashbacks, however, were wonderfully placed.  She only used them when they would truly add to the story.

I currently have her book Lichgates on my TBR.  While it may take some time before I am able to read it, I am seriously excited for the opportunity!

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I’m S. M. Boyce, a lifelong writer with a knack for discovering adventure and magic.  

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