Saturday, February 4, 2017

Weekly Update 2/4/2017

OMG!  What a week!  I am so happy this weekend is here.

Cathryn wanted to make sure I did this right...
It started out with being sick on Monday and it ended with me coating myself in coffee today.  It's so good to be home to cuddle with the fiance, Rascal, and long as I can read while we cuddle.

In his wonderful attempt to improve my day, my fiance let me pick our Friday night movie.  Instead of a movie, I decided we were going to start The Magicians.  If you haven't started that yet, I suggest you get on that!  I had heard good things, but nothing compared to how truly amazing it really was.  We only watched four episodes tonight, but I love how well-developed the characters are.  The producers took so much time focusing on symbolism and keeping it topical!  LOVE IT!

I was unable to read a lot this week, but I was able to start Queen of Extinction which is an absolutely wonderful Sleeping Beauty spin off.  I am constantly surprised by unpredictable twists and turns!  I can't wait to share my thoughts on this piece with you!

Many of you may have noticed that Ms. J Mentions...has a brand new blog banner!  My friend, Lauren, was kind enough to make it for me!  She made a mini me!  She put my favorite authors on the book spines!  Be sure you check out her blog by clicking here.

This week on Ms. J Mentions...
Sunday: Book Blitz: Court of Vampires
Monday: Book Blitz: Curse of Stars
Tuesday: Cover Reveal: A Lost Legacy: Awakening
Tuesday: Review: Lemoncella Cocktail

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