Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hey there!

I'm sorry for getting this out to you so late!  I have been pretty busy today as I've been getting ready to head back to school on Tuesday.  I'm beyond excited to be back to my routine and back into my
classroom, but these days of sleeping in have been FABULOUS!  I'm not a morning person...but my students make it worth it.

Princess Cathryn interrupts my creative flow.
Anyway, this year my goals are to make this blog and my Etsy shop the best they can be.  I am also excited to be trying a healthier lifestyle.  I have no goals for weight loss, just to make better choices.  I think that is going to be more achievable in the long run.  Finally, I am hoping to finish the rough draft of my novel in 2017.  I started it in 2010, so I think it's about time!

However, as we head back into the school life, the Speech team will be starting their weekly meetings and weekend meets.  It will be crazy, but it will be fabulous!  If you don't see me on as often as possible, don't be surprised.  I'm sure I'll be off somewhere trying to screw my head back on to my neck.

What are you looking forward to this year?

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